Small Talk – Big Opportunity

The following article was written by Jayne Constantinis I worked recently with 21 management consultants, as part of the induction programme to their new firm. In preparation for the session, I asked these high powered, confident, capable people where their

How to cope with Post-Trump-Victory Stress Disorder?

This great article is Jayne’s take on the communication lessons we can all learn from Donald Trump’s recent election victory: how-to-cope-with-post-trump-victory-stress-disorder_    

How to improve the impact of BD training

This article was recently published in PM Forum magazine. It sets out Seb’s thoughts on why BD training doesn’t always have the long term impact that was hoped, and some of things that could be done to ensure it does

A new approach to understanding the customer experience

Seb recently gave a talk at the MPF on how Santander Bank took a different approach to understanding the customer experience.  By engaging with all parties involved in transactions, the Bank was able to identify more accurately where issues were

MPF Seminar

Seb will be speaking at a seminar in Bristol on 17 June about research carried out for one of the retail banks on their customer experience. Full details can be found at:—wednesday-17-june-2015–bristol%281%29.asp?sid=c5be5ec5-94f2-4a90-8c04-d62604ee6220

Why Cross Selling Isn’t Good for Your Clients or You

An element of cross-selling is a common part of all the client plans we see. Yet, when talking to clients, they see cross-selling for what it is: self-serving for the professional firm, but nothing in it for them. Clients are,

brownfox speaking in Dubai

Gordon will be running the highly acclaimed “You Have to be Somewhere Between Exceptional and Phenomenal” seminar which we run earlier this year for psmg, in Dubai on 4 December. This follows the recent announcement of psmg’s affiliation with the

PSMG Seminar

Gordon and Neil will be presenting at a psmg workshop on 10 June entitled “You have to be somewhere between exceptional and phenomenal”. It’s directed at helping firms understand how they can make a real different in their client plans,