Develop Your BD Skills

Building a long term, sustainable flow of work (from both existing and new clients) is a key necessity for many more junior or less experienced professionals.  Yet, it is a skill that many struggle to develop: to be effective, business development (BD) needs to be “authentic” and done in the way that’s right for that individual. Simply imitating others or going on a training programme are not, usually, sufficient to give people the confidence, skills and experience to do business development.

Our coaching programme is designed specifically to help your team build their skills whilst doing their ‘day’ job. Not only does this ensure that the focus of the coaching is on their own, individual clients and prospects, but also that it’s carried out around what they are otherwise doing. This avoids the common disconnect with training which – no matter how good it is – loses its traction one people are back at their desks.

Synopsis: Many professionals are expected to be able to go out and win business from existing or new clients as part of their day to day responsibilities. Yet, many are expected to do so without ever having been given any formal BD training or support. And often, they are expected to fit business development around their other commitments or priorities to earn fees, making it difficult to find the necessary time.

This coaching is particularly effective for newly-appointed partners or for senior associates who are likely to make partner in the next 12-24 months. Click on the link below for full details.

Personal BD Coaching

“I have found the coaching very helpful. You have given me plenty of tips and hints, and recognising a lot of what we have discussed has not been rocket science, you were able to focus and prioritise my goals and ambitions.”    Director, Accounting Firm

“I have found the coaching helps focus your attention on what marketing [sic] activities you should be doing. The development of a sales pipeline is key and often we can overlook opportunities. By regularly meeting with Sebastian it helps ensure that you develop your pipeline and refine what you have been doing which ultimately leads to success.

Sebastian also provides a great sounding board about how to approach things in a different way.

I would recommend the programme to others.” Partner, Accounting Firm

“Our sessions were relatively informal and comfortable but structured in such a way as to encourage me to re-assess particular aspects of my work/life balance. The subject matter of the sessions was my choice.

The benefits of the coaching were quickly apparent. I was helped to re-organise/re-think the way I work in such a way as to effect significant improvements”  Barrister

“An excellent course for better organising my BD efforts.” Partner, Law Firm