High Performance Team Programme

Our High Performance Team Development Programme is a year long interaction with your team and your stakeholders to deliver fundamental, long-lasting improvements to your performance.  It’s based around helping you understand how to improve and sustain improved those relationships at the heart of a team’s performance, without which you won’t function to the best of your abilities.

It’s not about facilitating meetings or team away days (though these might occasionally feature), but about allowing the team to build better connections between themselves and the wider organisation.

A brief outline of the programme is shown below.

Programme Outline

Sr Phase Activity Purpose Notes


Contracting &

1.   Meeting with Team Leaders for chemistry check, to address initial questions/issues and agree broad aims

2.   Meeting with Team members for chemistry check to address initial questions/issues

To ensure the Team Leaders and Coaches are comfortable working with each other and ‘set the scene’ for the programme. To address any issues from the Team


Understanding of the Team’s current perceived performance/attitudes both internally and with external stakeholders 1.   Identify themes/topics for coaching

2.   Understand Team’s readiness for coaching

3.   To develop base line for measuring improvements

4.   Gather data for ROI calculation

Carried out through structured interviews with team members and stakeholders from other parts of the organisation


Preparing for success

Ensuring the conditions are in place for the Team coaching to succeed and identifying risks if not all are in place. Potential coaching with Team Leaders to help address any obstacles Analyse the 6 conditions for improving team performance to maximise the impact and realise the benefits of the coaching programme Based on data from Assessment phase and carried out with the Team Leaders in the first instance.


Programme launch

Working with the whole team to develop the Team’s “Contract”, “Rules and Respect” and agree how they will work together. Agree goals and success measures To develop a common understanding of the “ways of working”, how Team members will treat each other and what the aims of programme are


On going coaching

Coaching with the Team as a whole and with any individuals as necessary To achieve the Team’s aim and objectives Monthly with team for first 3 months for ≈ 2 hours, bi-monthly thereafter. Individuals ≈ 1 hour monthly


Programme ending

Implement hand-over to ensure long term sustainability and success.   Review learnings and outcomes. To ensure the Team can continue to improve and embed the coaching learnings.

To determine the ROI