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Leadership Team Coaching

We work with leadership teams to accelerate their performance in achieving their goals, in developing their leadership skills and allowing them to deliver success through the teams they lead.

We offer bespoke coaching programmes tailored to the needs of each team.  

The focus of our work is on the relational dynamics within the team itself and between the team and the wider system in which it sits to maximise the connectivity and effectiveness of relationships and hence performance.  Starting with a rigorous diagnostic will help you and us understand the current state of the team, and provide a “base line” from which improvements can be measured. This diagnostic also forms the basis of the coaching plan (number, duration and content of sessions) with is designed and agreed with you in advance of the coaching starting.

"The interventions were insightful and timely and helped the team to manoeuvre its way through its relevant development phases. The use of a team leadership diagnostic model was particularly helpful"

Assistant Director People, DCCS, City of London Corporation