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Business Development in Turbulent Times

A question increasingly being asked at the moment is whether it’s even appropriate to be doing any business development (BD) right now? And, if it is appropriate, what sort of activities might be best at the moment? This blog shares some thoughts as to what you could be thinking about for your business during the current period of disruption.

14 Apr 2020

The Role of Systems Thinking in Coaching Liquid Teams

I was struck by an article written earlier in 2020 by Allard de Jong (Liquid Teams) offering different ways we can think about teams. This has become even more relevant since the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic became apparent. In particular, he proposes the term "Liquid Teams" to describe how the team might change its shape, form and composition rapidly and frequently to meet its needs and those of the organisation. This blog links the concept of Liquid Teams with systems thinking, and asks whether looking at systems in different ways can help inform the way coaches work with those sorts of team.

08 Jul 2020

If you are going to change one thing about how you do BD, it should be this:

Doing business development isn't easy. Here's one thing you can do differently which could make a big difference to the impact of your efforts

21 Feb 2021